Mail-Shot Packages



Email marketing for the Small Business/Individual:
using our web-based interface send up to 500 emails per month. Send HTML email newsletters and track campaign statistics. Create unlimited Express Consent Mailing Lists.



Email marketing for the Small/Medium Business:
using our web-based interface send up to 3,000 emails per month. Create unlimited Campaigns and unlimited recipients. Permission-based marketing allows Mail List members to opt-in and opt-out.



Permission-based marketing for Marketing Professionals:
web-based email distribution and tracking. Send up to 10,000 emails per month. Full on-line campaign statistics. Run Campaigns on behalf of your clients - clients can view Campaign Statistics.

Mail-Shot Feature List

Mail Lists

  • Different member sources
    A unique feature of Mail-Shot which lets you use your existing membership source instead of importing them into the Mail-Shot database. Mail-Shot can be linked to any MySQL database.
  • Double opt-in/out settings
    You can set different opt-in/out settings for each mail list. Mail-Shot fully supports double opt-in/out confirmation methods to help you to keep your mail list legitimate and clean.
  • Mail list subscription and unsubscription
    You can set subscription and unsubscription behaviours for each mail list. In this way, if a member unsubscribes, Mail-Shot can subscribe them to another mail list or add them to a black-list.
  • Mail list snapshots
    See daily subscription and unsubscription activity with charts for each mail list
  • Auto responder link click-through and open tracking
    Mail-Shot tracks both link click-through and email opens of auto responders and opt-in/out confirmation emails. Generate reports based on these statistics.
  • Auto reminder emails for opt-in/out pending members
    Mail-Shot can send auto-reminder emails to members who are pending for double opt-in or opt-out for a specified number of days.
  • Custom field assignment and preferences
    Assign multiple custom fields to different mail lists and set their mandatory and unique settings for each mail list.
  • Custom field validation rules
    You can apply several types of validation rules or set your own rule for each custom field. In this way, you can force member to enter a formatted value such as phone number.